Vieques Hotels & Guesthouses

Bravo Beach Hotel Logo


North Side of the Island

Ababor Suites

tel: +1- 435-213-7884 Beachfront apartments with Complimentary Kayaks and Wifi. πŸ“

BBH Bravo Beach Hotel

🌐 tel: +1-939-260-0110 Stylish Oceanfront Hotel with Two Pools. πŸ“

Casa de Amistad

🌐 tel: +1-787247-1017 Cozy, Friendly Eight Room Guesthouse with Pool, Centrally Located in Isabel II. πŸ“

Casa de Kathy

🌐 tel: +1-787-565-2717 Ocean Views from the Main Balcony. 7 Minute Walk to the Malecon. πŸ“

Casa la Lanchita

🌐 tel: +1-845-891-1502 Beachfront Hotel with Panaramic Ocean Views in Bravos de Boston. Pool & Complimentary Wifi. πŸ“

Sea Gate Hotel

🌐 tel: +1-201-450-8238 Secluded Retreat Overlooking the Ocean and Surrounding Hilltop & Trees. πŸ“

The Wave Hotel

tel: +1-314-421-9150 Relaxed, Sea Front Hotel with a Restaurant and Pool. πŸ“

Tropical Guest House

🌐 tel: +1-787-741-2449 Walking distance to ferry terminal, restaurants and shops. πŸ“

Vieques Good Vibe House

🌐 tel: +1-787-675-7811 Hostel & Reggae Bar and Complimentary Wifi. Walking Distance from the Ferry. πŸ“


South Side of the Island


🌐 tel: +1-787-741-8700 Relaxed Guesthouse on the Malecon in Esperanza. πŸ“

Bird Nest Studio

🌐 tel: +1-787-487-4244 Perched on the Side of a Mountain Overlooking Vieques Channel and El Yunque Mountains. πŸ“

Blue Horizon Boutique Resort

🌐 tel: +1-787-741-0000 Luxury Hotel & Restaurant with Infinity Pool Overlooking the Ocean. Adults Only.πŸ“

Casa de Claire Guesthouse

🌐 tel: +1-508-843-8439 Luxury Villa with Pool. Close to Isabel II. πŸ“

Casa de Tortuga

tel: +1-303-941-9851 Sun Terrace & Swimming Pool, 3 Minute Walk to Esperanza, Half a Mile to Sun Bay Beach. πŸ“

Coco Loco

🌐 tel: +1-917-455-9895 Restful Retreat, Conveniently Located, Walking Distance to Beaches & Malecon. πŸ“

Esperanza Inn

🌐 tel: +1- 787-741-2225 Boutique Property with Pool and Complimentary Wifi, Steps Away from the Malecon. πŸ“

El Blok

🌐 tel: +1- 787-741-6020 Modern Architectural Landmark, Full Service Hotel on the Malecon. πŸ“

Finca Victoria

🌐 tel: +1-787-646-0011 Caribbean Farmhouse Style Bed & Breakfast with Pool in the Heart of Vieques. πŸ“

Flamboyan Guesthouse

🌐 tel: +1-340-642-5882 Private Balconies with Ocean Views in Esperanza. πŸ“

Hacienda Tamarindo

🌐 tel: +1- 787-741-8525 Luxury Hotel Overlooking Esperanza Bay with Ocean Views and a Pool. πŸ“

Hectors by the Sea

tel: +1- 787-741-1178 Expansive Property on the Ocean with a Pool. πŸ“

Hix Island House

🌐 tel: +1- 787-435-4590 Modern Architecture, Eco-Friendly Propery with a Pool. πŸ“

Isla Hermosa Guesthouse

🌐 tel: +1-787-370-3321 Centrally Located in the Valley of Destino.πŸ“

Lazy Hostel

🌐 tel: +1- 787-741-5555 Fun & Friendly Hostel on the Malecon in Esperanza. πŸ“

MalecΓ³n House

🌐 tel: +1-939-239-7113 Relaxed Boutique Hotel on the Malecon in Esperanza. πŸ“

SoliMar Guest Studios

🌐 tel: +1-787-980-8717 Centrally Located with Caribbean Sea Views and Pool. πŸ“

The Vieques Guesthouse

🌐 tel: +1-787-435-1513 Casual Guesthouse with Rooftop Terrace. 5 Minute Walk to the Malecon, 3 Minute Trail Walk to Coconut Beach. πŸ“

Villa Coral

🌐 tel: +1-787-981-6335 Guesthouse with a Rooftop Deck within Walking Distance to the Malecon. πŸ“

Trade Winds Guesthouse

🌐 tel: +1-787-672-9927 Guesthouse, Restaurant & Giftshop Located on the Malecon in Esperanza. πŸ“