Best Time 2 Visit

Palm Trees, Sun Bay Beach Vieques, PR

Determining the best time to travel to Vieques depends on a variety of factors, including personal preferences. Still, considering these elements can help travelers decide which time of year best fulfills their expectations.

Vieques Puerto Rico is located near the equator where the weather is generally sunny and excellent. Know for its serene beaches, Vieques is a haven for tourists in search of a peaceful seasie respite.
Baby Sand Crab

Winter Months

Vieques' peak tourist season runs from November to March, when the winter winds blow up north the tourist visit Vieques to enjoy the sun surf and warm temperatures. Tourists descend on the island in winter therefore, if you are planning on visiting in season everything from flights, car rental, hotels and tours should be booked well in advance. Christmas and New Year's also feature major increases in tourist traffic. In contrast, visitors will encounter fewer crowds during the extended off-season period between April and October.

Summer Months

In summer months the north winds die down, the water surface is like glass and visibility is increased turning Vieques into a snorkeler's paradise. You will find the most ideal conditions for a real Caribbean diving or snorkeling experience, with tranquil clear water, untouched reefs and sea life.

If you really like solitude, Vieques becomes even more intimate in the summer, you can lay around all day and enjoy seas the temperature of bathwater, ride bikes and view the flamboyant trees in full bloom with their orchid-like bright red flowers, and enjoy local fresh mangoes at their peak in July and August.

Humid Months

Vieques lies near the equator. Its position creates consistent temperatures with only minor changes in temperature annually. The average daytime temperature on Vieques Island throughout the year is 84° to 88° Fahrenheit, increasing only slightly in the summer. The only significant shift in climate relates to precipitation levels. August through late October are the most humid months, which can bring high winds and heavy rains, however that does not mean there will be rain, just the possibility of it. You can have 3 days of rain followed by 5 days of Sunshine and clear skies, its up to mother nature.

Vieques Patronales Dancers Strike a Pose

Aside from all it's natural beauty, Vieques is an island that knows how to celebrate!

Patronales Carnival is the summer season's biggest event (usually the third week of July). An annual 5 day fesival honoring the patron saint of Vieques. The celebrartion takes place in the Town Plaza with dancing, music, rides and lots of drinking!

Our reccomendation: for an authentic Vieques experience summer is a good bet, numerous uncrowded beaches, swimming in the warm bio bay waters at night, snorkeling in crystal clear waters during the day, nature at it's peak and affordably priced villas and hotel rooms. Luckily, the weather in Vieques is always beach friendly so whenever you have the time to visit, Vieques welcomes you!