About Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

An island embraced by nature, Vieque is a playground of the wind, the sea, the sun and the light.

Navio Beach

Vieques has its own special charm. With nothing on the agenda, every day offers something new–and different. An island embraced by nature, Vieques is a playground of the wind, the sea, the sun and the light. Nowhere else in the world can you see so many shades of green and blue together on such a tiny island. There are no movie theaters, traffic symbols or fast food. No bright lights or big city here, in contrast Vieques is a beacon… a magnetic, magical island. It makes you want to cut all ties and make a fresh start. Here you can be really free.

The World's Best Beaches

Punta Arenas

Vieques has the world's best beaches. Peaceful and tranquil, no buildings in sight, just endless white sand and turquoise water awaitting beach lover's. You could spend days exploring them. all, but you'll want to save a day for driving around thte island, sightseeing and exploring.

The Bioluminescent Bay shines in the night–the Caribbean's natural wonder. The breathtaking, wonder of the natural world. Hello twintkling lights. Where am I? Vieques.

Boat on Vieques' Bioluminescent Bay

image © Morgali Photography - used with permission

Sun Beams Appearing from Behind Cloud

Year round average temperatures between 80-90° F and boasting the Caribbean's largest wildlife santuary (Over 70% of the island is protected) Vieques Island is the ideal place to experience natural island life.

Tropical Drink and Sunset

Explore the Bioluminescent Bay, sail, snokel, dive, hike, ride a horse, go to the beach or just sit back, relax and enjoy a rum punch and the beautiful sunsets!