Vereda Cerro Playuela Trail

Three new hiking trails are now open to the public! They are all connected by one primary trail and each one offers a unique vista.

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The primary trail (.57 kms - .35 miles) begins at the marked entrance between Playuela Beach (Garcia Beach) and Tres Palmitas boat ramp. The first (starting clockwise from top) rises high (.21 kms - .13 miles) to reveal a panoramic view of the Ocean and Playa Caracas Red Beach, then the path descends (.13 kms - .08 miles) to Playauela Beach. Trail two(.40 kms - .25 miles) climbs to cliffside views of the ocean below. The third (.26 kms - .16 miles) leads to the small and beautiful Corcho beach.

Bring your iphone and you can follow your progress on Apple Maps. It takes approximately 2 hours to visit all three.

trail map - vereda cerro playuela